10 carousel ideas to wow your audience

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It’s no secret – if you want a content method that can help you engage your audience ANNNND GET MORE REACH…

You’ve GOT to give more carousels a go! {and FYI there’s a freebie incoming to help with that👇}

But before we get to that – why are carousels such a strong content delivery method?

Not only ’cause they are brilliant ways to show off your knowledge, authority, or add value for the people in your world {most important} but also…

⚡️ ‘Cause carousels can show up TWICE on your own audience’s news feed so your content really packs a punch 

⚡️’Cause they are getting great reach again with the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm

Annnnnnnd {the one we will focus on in this blog…}

⚡️ Carousels have HUGE potential to end up on the Explore Page {like some of my recent carousels here 👇}

And one of the “secrets” to getting carousels to reach more people AND end up on the Explore Page?

Is to create carousels that people are RUNNING to *save* – which sends all the right signals to the algorithm. 😍

And to help you do that? To create carousels packed with value AND highly saveable?

I’ve put together a FREE GUIDE with 10 carousel prompts as well as examples for each!

{+ if you saw this on social media recently you may notice I shared 7 there – and today? I am adding a bonus 3 as a bonus so make sure to download 😍}

Use ’em to not only serve up amazing content that woos your audience… but use their “save-a-bility” to supercharge your visibility too! ⬇️

I can’t wait to hear how you go with these prompts to make magic for YOUR amazing brand, audience and the knowledge you have to share. 




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