4 common biz mistakes that stop speedy growth + results

I know we always hear about goals in our business and the things we *should* be doing to create success…

But what about the things we SHOULDN’T

‘Cause here’s the real talk… 

It’s not just about deciding what you WILL do in biz that creates success, but deciding what you’ll leave behind, too. 🙌⚡️

Below are 4 common mistakes I see people make in their biz that should be stopped if you want to speed up growth and results. 

And I recommend avoiding them all… 👇

1. Trying to be everywhere

‘Cause being on more platforms? Just waters down your ability to truly stay consistent and serve your community wholeheartedly {without marketing burnout}. ⁠


Start with 1-2 content marketing platforms and build a booming email list. And when you master that? You can then stick your {amazing} head up somewhere else. ⁠

2. Trying to be for everyone 

‘Cause when you speak to everyone? When you try to make broad messages to cast a wider net? You actually hook no one. And your business never reaches that “she’s the one for me” level of clarity. And stays stuck in the land of “just another offer”. ⁠


Be specific. Find your niche. Speak to a clear group of people. Stand for something. Do things a certain way. Discover your points of difference. Those specific things are your superpowers.⁠

3. Trying to make it all perfect 

‘Cause waiting until everything is “perfect” is potentially holding you back. And I have learned that imperfect action beats inaction or no action every.single.time. ⁠


That one wobbly step forward is better than being stuck standing still. Always be the very best you can be. Serve the best way you can serve. And give it your absolute all. But don’t let those limiting beliefs and detrimental doubts paralyse you from moving forward. ⁠

4. Trying to do it all by yourself 

Needing to DIY your biz is absolutely normal. I have DIY’d my biz for the last two years {meaning I have had no team!}. But it’s important to remember that DIY does NOT mean you have to go it completely alone!


Look for things that can help you. Shortcuts that can save you time. Strategies or skills you can learn so you are not reinventing the wheel. Support that can make things easier and allow you to put your time elsewhere.

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So today, if you resonate with any of these {for me, it was always number #3 until I put the above mindset shift in place}, look to what you can do to put a stop to that action… and see just how much it speeds up your results. 




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