Build your email list with ease to get people OFF your socials and into your biz!

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I made an extra 100 sales in the last 24 hours by doing one thing that took me less than 10 minutes…

And that one thing???

Was that I send an email to my {beautiful} engaged email community with an offer.

And this is YOUR reminder today that social media can absolutely get you seen, loved and selling!

Buuuuuuut if you want to increase sales – and sell with often more results for your efforts...

You should ALSO be focused on getting people OFF social media and into your business!

And one of the most SMALL BIZ friendly ways to do that is via an email list.

‘Cause the real talk is this:

Having a social media strategy is AH-MAZING and important…

But having a MARKETING STRATEGY {like social media PLUS email marketing} is even better.

📧 Because email has the HIGHEST ROI of any marketing platform
📧 Because sending one email a week to nurture your list and have them seeing why to become or stay a loyal, loving customer/client is NOT hard if you have support {scroll to the end of this post to see how I can help 👯‍♀️🥳😍}
📧 And ‘cause you can literally build that list from the stuff you are ALREADY doing here on the ‘gram.

And this? ⬆️ This *does not* have to be hard!

Here are some ways you can be building your email list daily with ease…

1. Create VIP lists for all your offers

When you are talking about a release or an upcoming launch or even spots for your services coming up, *ALWAYS* invite people to a VIP email waitlist!

This means you aren’t just hoping they see your social media content when you announce your offer – you can get right in front of ‘em!

AND people convert at a higher % rate off email than off social media so WIN/WIN!

2. Have an enticing opt-in + drive signups from social media

Create one or more of these things as an opt-in:

⚡️ A lead magnet full of value
⚡️ An offer like a discount or free gift
⚡️ A juicy newsletter topic
⚡️ A digital product

And then have that available all over your social media and DRIVE PEOPLE THERE!

👉 Add it to your link menu on your socials
👉 Make dedicated content to promote it or add it as a P.S. + call to actions
👉 Share it on stories and link to it regularly
👉 Pin it to your Facebook page or group
👉 Pin it to your Instagram pinned section

3. Have multiple ways to opt in on your website

You should not just have one option to opt in on your website like a pop up. Have MULTIPLE WAYS so that when you drive traffic there from your socials, it’s a NO BRAINER to sign up wherever people land!

Make sure you have opt in options:

👉 as pop ups on your pages
👉 on the footer/s of all your pages
👉 add this as a website banner
👉 ensure there is an option to opt-in on your checkout pages
👉 include this in blogs

From there you get to say “BYE BYE” to battling with an algorithm alone to make sales…

And can get your amazingness seen not only on socials, but on a platform that you have way more control over as well…

… by a group of engaged audience members literally waiting and asking to hear from you!

AND P.S. – if you want a done-for-you solution to make emailing that list SO DAMN EASY…

Check out the Easy Email Marketing Collections – done-for-you small biz email marketing solutions filled with over a year’s worth of plug + play weekly email templates, sales sequences and more…

Made to help you make more income and impact through the magic of email marketing without ever having to write or design an email from scratch again.




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