Ready for your small biz to stand out from the crowd? Here’s how you do it!

How often do you feel lost in the crowd? Like just another offer…

How often do you think to yourself “I just don’t know why I can’t get traction”? Even though you are trying your hardest every day.

And how often do you feel lost, stuck, or watch those other small businesses in your social media feed growing, while you feel like you aren’t moving forward like them?

Do these things sound like something you struggle with? Something that’s gone through your head… oh, I dunno, a couple of dozen times this month {or even this week}?⁠ ⁠

I want to say I get it. This is *so* common and you are NOT alone. And today? I want to assure you that there are not only powerful and profitable fixes that you can put in palce so easily, but that these are also sustainable and practical solutions for the long term too.

So here’s the secret. You ready?


Let’s take a step back and look at what a strategy is, shall we? ‘Cause it might sound a bit scary, but I promise you it’s not.

What is a brand strategy?

Before anything else, let me define what a brand strategy is as it kind of sounds like just another boring document but it is ANYTHING but.

A brand strategy is really about building a voice, vibe and values around your brand – a persona and a brand promise – that makes you UNIQUE. MAGNETIC. And STAND OUT.  

It’s the way through words and messages and ‘feel’ of your brand that you can create a lasting impression on your audience. Make them feel like they have found “their place” – the perfect solution for their needs.  And most of all? It’s how you can create differentiation that makes you stand out from your competitors.

In dots point {‘cause here at This is Co. it’s all about things being as simple and streamlined as possible} it’s about:

⚡️ who you are and what you do.⁠

⚡️ what makes you unique + what you bring to the table that’s different from the rest. ⁠

⚡️ the value you add… and why people should give you money for that value. ⁠

⚡️ who you serve and exactly why they need you. ⁠

⚡️ And how to say those things in captivating ways that your audience will connect with.

So, why does every small biz need a brand strategy?:

If you didn’t get the feel from the stuff above, brand strategies are THE SECRET SAUCE to success. Think of your own favourite small businesses and brands. Bet they make you feel something, right? You feel connected to them. Like they are talking right to you.

That’s ‘cause they have used STRATEGY to create a connection with you – and their customers – to see people that they are “the one” for them.

Here are some other benefits of having a brand strategy as well:

• It helps you creatively communicate who you are, what you do and why choose you with SO much ease.

Want to attract your ideal audience with just one single line of copy? This is what a brand strategy does. The messages that come about when you sit down and work through your brand strategy show what you stand for as a biz and articulates those principles to your customers and prospects in a single second.

Want to see an example of a brand message? Here is the one I {Carinda} created for This is Co!

See how in just one line, you can see who I serve, how I serve them, and the value they get from working with me? In a split second, people can determine if I am someone they want in their life – persuasively and powerfully.

• It creates consistency!!

Did you know that customers will only trust your brand if their experiences with it are consistent? In fact, it’s been shown that not only is trust one of the top 5 deciding factors that people need to feel towards your brand to convert {and consistency helps create this}, but having consistency will help you create more REVENUE too! Brand consistency is proven to increase revenue by up to 23%.

• It helps you create accountability and ‘oneness’ in your biz.

Having a clear brand strategy is your “North Star”. Your guiding light. It helps keep your biz aligned and keeps you accountable and on track with your offers, content, voice and biz direction. In other words, your brand strategy is a road map that will provide you with a clear vision and direction to where your heading and how to show up everywhere you exist.

• It helps you to be laser-focused on your marketing strategy.

Your brand strategy enables you to narrow down the scope and elements of your marketing strategy – like WHO you serve and HOW you serve ‘em. This helps you create a clearer, smoother, and more effective direction for all your actions. #byebyeoverwhelm

So, in a nutshell – your brand strategy is HELLA IMPORTANT.

It’s what makes your world a heck of a lot better… transforming you from lost, frustrated, and not able to find the words, to have complete confidence in communicating who you are, what you do, and why choose you. Compellingly. ⁠


Great question and here is your answer! Here are the “must haves” in every brand strategy.

• Your voice, vibe and values.

These things? Are what takes your brand from feeling like a “business” to feeling like a SOLUTION. A FRIEND. A COMMUNITY. A place your IC {your ideal customer/client} WANTS TO HANG OUT.

It creates an emotional connection. Helps to draw your audience in. And shows ‘em what it’s like to work with you over everyone else.

• A ‘positioning statement’ – sometimes called your Unique Selling Point and Value Proposition.

These names? Are just a fancy way of saying who you are, what you do, and why choose you in a SINGLE sentence. It sounds hard, but it’s actually not when you have templates or proven formulas to help!


We help {who you serve} {what you help with} so {what the outcome/value is} with/without {what is your point of difference?}

Here are two examples!

We help small biz owners to master their brand strategies so they can stand out online with ease!

For parents who want the perfect balloons for their child’s party, our eco-friendly balloon packs will add brightness, joy and brilliance to every party in an affordable way so there’s more cash left to upsize the cake!

• Ideal customer/client

When you can show a clear group of people why your solution is clearly the one for them – the answer to their particular problems or particular desires – your biz has the ability to stand out and skyrocket. The BIGGEST mistake I see biz owners making is not niching and trying to serve everyone. ‘Cause when you talk to EVERYONE? You stand out to no one. So defining who you serve, what their pain points and desires are, and other details about them will help you speak STRAIGHT to them every time, having a group of people say “SHE’S THE ONE FOR ME!”.

• Brand design

Once you know your voice, vibe and values, you can bring this to life with design! This helps you to find the colours, elements, templates and “look” of your brand that fits the way your brand feels and connects!


The first thing you want to do is *exactly* what is explained above…

⚡️ Define your voice, vibe and values {who you are, your brand personality, and what you stand for as a business!}
⚡️ Decide on WHO you serve {like, a specific group of people or a group of people that all are needing the same very specific thing} and truly get to know them intimately.
⚡️ And craft your stand out brand messages! The ones that say who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and how you add value or do it a bit differently!

And then? Once you have that? You can take these next steps too!

• Create a unique and authentic point of difference

Your points of difference are how you create powerful impact… which leads to more income. Every single business has points of difference and it’s crucial you discover and develop yours to help you go from “just another offer” to “she’s the one for me!”. This can be the way you serve, your experience, elements of your product/offer, the things you stand for, your pricepoint or quality and the list goes on!

Think of things that will help you differentiate your brand from your competitors and foster a stronger connection with your target market.

• Make your mission known

It is proven that brands that stand for something REALLY stand out. This doesn’t need to be a mission to change the world. It could be to make people’s lives better. To support causes. To make a difference in a unique way. Make sure your brand and business means something more then just income. Find a way to make an IMPACT too and then shout that from the rooftops. People gravitate to the “why” of your business—make sure it’s know.

• Make your customers number one!

Without customers, you have no business so in your brand strategy really focus on creating a positive experience for your customers in every interaction as much as possible will help you stand out.

If your branding is also founded in a customer-centric approach {AKA really getting to know what your IC need, want, fear, desire, ask, question, get stuck on, experience}, this will truly help your biz to grow quicker through not only more attraction but retaining customers and a higher word of mouth rate!

To summarise this little helping hand for your small biz, putting the time in to really get complete clarity on your brand, you can make more IMPACT + INCOME by not only standing out to your ideal customers + clients, but by showing them WHY choose you, and remaining consistent everywhere you show up online and off. 

A few hours now? Can be the secret sauce to HUGE success to come. 

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