Having a hard time with #hashtags? Here’s how to fix that.

Hashtags are an important part of your social media visibility and engagement strategy – especially on Instagram! However, no matter how simple it may look, this is one of the business strategies that most small business owners struggle with. {Do I feel you nodding your head?}…

This guide though? Exists to make your life a whoooole lot easier. It’ll cover why hashtags matter, when and where you should use #hashtags, and what kinds of hashtags will get you results.

And maybe the most exciting part? I’ll be sharing with you my signature hashtag strategy that I teach and preach to get not only more eyes… but the RIGHT eyes in four easy steps.

Let’s get started!

Why do hashtags matter?

A bit of history

Ever wondered where hashtags actually came from? Well, a decade ago, Chris Messina revolutionized the world of social media.

He used the hash or pound symbol to develop “detailed suggestion” with no web-based management required to set it up on Twitter. And two years later, Twitter embraced such ingenuity of grouping topics, conversations, and forums, took the hashtags under its wing and eventually hyperlinked hashtags so they turned into a search and grouping tool. And as they say, the rest is history!

Since then, hashtags became a vital tool for users to search for relevant topics and conversations, growing social media views, expanding outreach and, the cherry on top, scaling businesses. {Kinda sounds like a small biz dream, right?}

This HIGHLY increases the probability of your posts appearing on the feeds of people following your niche hashtag or the probability of you being found by people who are searching for the said hashtag.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a lovely little stat that summarises their worth: a post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

Always remember as well, all it takes is for ONE person to find you through ONE single hashtag and for them to convert to a client or customer for your strategy to have paid off.

What kinds of hashtags should you use?

As simple as hashtags may look, you need a laser-focused strategy to get the kind of outcomes that matter – like more impact and income – not just getting likes from bots. *face palm*


⚡️ Use niched hashtags:

Are you using NICHED hashtags? That is, things very specific to your ideal audience {‘cause remember, it’s THEM your hashtags need to speak to}. Think #smallbizsocialmedia instead of just #socialmedia. Getting more specific means more chance of getting seen + loved by your actual IC.

⚡️Use hashtags with low volumes of posts

Are you making sure the volume of posts on your hashtags are low? If you’re using saturated hashtags that have hundreds of posts per hour put up, your post is competing with a lot of noise and moving down the hashtags feeds too quickly! Aim for under 500k where possible for a growing small biz.

⚡️Vary your hashtags

Are you varying your hashtags? You should alternate between a few sets of up to 30 hashtags to help you be seen by different people + keep the algorithm happy.

⚡️Use three different types of hashtags

Are you using different TYPES of hashtags? Like those that cover different locations {#brisbanebusiness}, those that cover your niched industry or offer {#smallbizmarketing}, IC definitions {#smallbusinessowners} and ‘community’ or ‘culture’ tags {#findyourflock, #theleaguewomen}

This above? Really is the key to making your hashtags work for you. These four steps will help you really target your audience, engage different buyer personas and make sure that as a small business, you are not competing in hashtags where you will just get swept up or not be able to compete with the huge volume of competition in a tag.

AND PS: If you didn’t tick off all four, or you just want a helping hand to refresh your hashtag strategy, come and check out the FREE training in the Co. Facebook Community!


In this training, I will walk you through the hashtag strategy that can not only help you reach thousands, but be FOUND by your ideal audience too.

And remember. Even if your post doesn’t reach the audience you’d hoped at the time – your hashtags STILL have your back and all it takes is ONE ideal customer to search that ONE hashtag that you strategically picked for them to find your incredible content and become a loyal, lovin’ customer. 💛🙌⚡️👯






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