How to batch content for social media

Thinking about how you can batch content for your social media? If so – GO YOU ’cause content batching is one of THE most effective ways you can create content for your small business, saving you so much time, energy, and even helping you create content FASTER than before. 

And in this guide, I am going to break down my top 6 tips to help you batch content so you can ditch the overwhelm and create content easier and more effectively than before. 

So let’s jump in! 

What exactly is content batching?

Let’s start with the real talk before we jump into the juicy details of HOW to batch content for your social media.

And here’s it is: if you’re spending up to an hour (or more – eek!) planning and creating a single post for your social media, I’m here to tell you there IS a more efficient way of doing things.

I can hear your audible *sighs* of relief from here 😂

It’s called content batching. Rather than writing a caption on the fly for Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn every time you’re ready to post, or whipping out the camera to film one single reel or story, content batching is a productivity method where you write bulk content in one sitting… *already* having the inspiration and structure you need right in front of you so you can move from piece to piece of content with so. much. ease!

So to content batch? There are a few things we need. And in this guide, we’ll cover them all.

Why is it important to content batch?

There are SO many reasons why it’s important to content batch. But the one that will, without fail, have me sitting down at my computer every week? It saves me literally hours. Yeeapp, not a typo… hours!

By dedicating time to planning out your week of content, you’re not flicking between tasks and have devoted time to solely focus on the job at hand. Which in turn leads to better, more thought-out, cohesive content that is going to hit with your IC better than on-the-fly, rushed content would.

PLUS once your posts start rolling out in real-time you can analyse how the content is performing. Because batching and scheduling put you ahead of the game, you’ll have the time up your sleeve to gauge and tweak your content to increase IC engagement.

The *best* part of all this? Saying goodbye 👋 to social media stress.

How to find your content batching system

How you will batch your content looks different to everyone. The {golden rule} is to avoid creating just one piece of content at a time. Believe it or not, that can take 2-3 times as long as batching your content!

That’s a heck of a lot of time that you could be watching dogs on TikTok… or *cough* working *cough* 😏

If saving time, stress and boosting engagement and brand consistency sounds like something you need in your world right now, follow my 6 tips below on batching content!

The 6 different tips to batching content:

TIP 1. Block out time to content batch!

Start with blocking out a set number of hours in your work calendar to focus on planning out your content. Having this time set aside guarantees that you MAKE time to ultimately save you time.

Think about what works best for your brain and workflow. Is it 2 hours per week? 4 hours per fortnight? Or maybe 1 whole content creation day per month? 

Maybe splitting up your batching sessions works better for your creativity? If this is the case, try splitting up your batching sessions and scheduling an hour for writing captions and an hour later in the week for creating your videos/graphics.

Everyone’s process is different. I find that 2 hours per week is what works best for me and my system.

TIP 2. Plan out your content topics before anything else!

So you have the hours set aside, but before you start creating a single thing, it’s time to get your STRATEGIC ideas down instead. 

You see, content is not just words or images. It’s a system to get you SEEN, get you LOVED, then get you SELLING. And it’s what you post or share that matters most. 

And of course, no way am I gonna leave you hanging!

Here’s is a powerful step by step system – the *exact* system I use every single week in my own business and that creates me over 6 figures of profit from content per year!! – that you can use as your {weekly/fortnightly/monthly} plan to have a list of exactly what content to create. #canIgetaheckyes?!👏

Step 1: Look at your biz {pssst, content ideas live here}

Your content serves a purpose, to get you SEEN, LOVED and SELLING so always start with your business goals first! This is how content goes from ‘random ideas’ to ‘really making a difference to your bottom line!”

So the first step when you start to plan is look at your business. What do *you* need more of? What outcomes do you want your content to create? Being intentional around this makes content easier and makes it make more impact + income. 

Ask yourself: 

  • • What is going on in the world, in your industry/ niche, in your business For example, are there important dates upcoming like Christmas, Black Friday, dates important to your audience, a new team member starting, etc.
  • •What is your business strategy? Is there a launch coming up? Something you need to be creating hype or momentum for? 
  • •Do you need more clients for a particular service you offer? 
  • •Do you need to move stock to make way for new stock? 
  • •Are enquiries low for a service or are they too high for this service?
  • •What are your competitors doing right now… and what can you do differently or to compete? 


Knowing these key things can help give you so much inspiration for your content batching to come… and help you move the needle in your biz. #winwin

Step 2: Look at your content pillars {pssst, content ideas live here, too!}

This shouldn’t come as a secret, but every brand needs to have content pillars! These are the pillar that you base your content around to ensure you are covering different elements that are crucial to your audience! Here at This is Co., I teach and preach a 5 pillar method that you can use in your business! The pillars {or topics} I use to create my very high performing content around are: 

  1. ⚡️Educate and Inspire – this is where you add value to your audience! Solve their problems and encourage their desires!
  2. ⚡️Engage and Entertain – here is where you use ‘easy to interact with’ content like memes, quotes, aesthetic photos to create engagement. 
  3. ⚡️Stories that Connect – in a small biz, your personal presence or storytelling is a superpower. Add a human touch or connection here.
  4. ⚡️Behind the Business –  Use this pillar to show ’em why your biz is the one for them. Build trust, how points of difference and more! 
  5. ⚡️Show off and Sell – you have positioned your offer above, and now, it’s time to show off and sell! Focus on benefits, solutions and strong calls to action.

By using these 5 pillars, and rotating through them regularly, you can strategically create content that CONNECTS, COMPELS and CONVERTS! 


Start to write down ideas that come to mind under each pillar that you can share in line with the biz brainstorm you did in step 1. Then move to step 3! 

Step 3: Create/source ideas that align with your biz goals {pssst, content ideas live here}

What exactly does this mean? Simple! It’s about brainstorming topics your audience would find interesting, of value or connect with around what your brand is selling or offering. 

For example, if you are wanting to sell a service that helps with Instagram Reels, your content should focus on that topic to position this – like why are Instagram reels important? How they can benefit your business! Tips on Instagram reels. Your story of success with Instagram reels.

The best part? You *do not* need to come up with this yourself. Why? ‘Cause you can ask your audience what *they* want to know about your topic, offer or product. 

If you are looking for inspiration on top of your own brainstorm, do a survey in a Facebook group, Instagram Stories, or your email and ask: 

  • •What education do your audience want/need?
  • •What pain points or desires are they experiencing when it comes to your topic {and that you can then help with}. 


Step 4: Now you have oodles of strategic content ideas, it’s time to batch your content

Here is the deal with content batching, right? It is so much more effective to get in the flow when it comes to writing, filming or creating so now you are going to go through and look at your period ahead and say “I need this number of posts, this number of reels, this number of stories” and then? YOU CREATE! 

All 👏  in👏  the 👏  one👏 go👏 

I promise this method? Can save you hours when compared to creating content 1 step at a time. 

Simply, now is the time to: 

  • • Create the number of posts you need per your blocked time {AKA week/fortnight/month}
  • • Create the number of reels you need per your blocked time {AKA week/fortnight/month}. BUT REMEMBER – save these to your phone, NOT just drafts as they can often disappear. 
  • • Create the number of stories you need per your blocked time {AKA week/fortnight/month


Step 5: Batch content with repurposing in mind! 

Ever heard the saying “create your content once, use it thrice!”?

Well… now you have! Once you have created your content, plan to use it in more places that JUST your Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. Try to repurpose this to:

  • • Your emails
  • • Your blog
  • • Other social media channels
  • • Save to ‘recycle’ at a later date for best-performing pieces of content

Repurposing this content for more than just 1 post is a small business lifesaver. 

TIP 3. Find many content types in one go

For example, are you looking for a meme for your business for the ‘Entertain and Engage’ pillar?

Instead of looking for just one, find as many as you can in one sitting while you are already researching the sites or inspiration where these typically live.

If you’re writing Educate and Inspire content, content about a topic, product or service, do it all in one go.

You’ll find that once you get started and hit a flow, it’s easier to write 4 captions about a topic at once, rather than breaking this up across 4 different weeks.

Trust me, your future self will be thanking you for this.👏

TIP 4. Shoot or Design your creative in a number of different ways

Remember when I said “create content once and use it 3 times”? The same logic applies to photography and graphics in your biz!

If you’re spending time setting up ‘scenes’ with props for products and headshots, don’t waste that time and effort on just one shot for one post. Instead, get 10-20 good photos at one time to use them for months to come. This will also help with cohesiveness on your branding with the similar light, style from that one day.

Found a template you love? Don’t just use it once! Can you tweak the colours, fonts or imagery to use that a number of times later in the cycle? Can that carousel you created for your Instagram post also be resized for an Instagram story? Make the most out of the time you spend into finding and creating graphics you love by making small tweaks, resizing and/or recycling these. 

Tip 5. Use templates to get you started and save time!


Ok, real talk. I’m not a graphic designer and so I KNOW how time-consuming and complex it can be to search for and create graphics from scratch. And let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that!

That’s where design templates come in. Canva already has thousands of prebuilt, customisable templates available for use. Just switch up the colours to match your branding, whack in your logo, fonts and photos, and Bob’s your uncle! No need to reinvent the wheel here.

And if you’re searching for a particular *lewk*, then have a peek at Creative Market and Etsy. Real-life graphic designers create beautiful templates, so that you don’t have to, ready for your use!


So, we know I’m not a designer. But what I AM is a passionate word nerd and marketing expert with over 11 years experience – as well as a busy as heck small business owner myself, which means I know how time-consuming creating your own content can be.

It’s also why? I encourage you to not reinvent the wheel and get yourself a HUGE helping hand when it comes to your content! In the form of done for you templates 😍

This is why I spent months creating Complete Content 24/7, giving you access to hundreds of done-for-you social media posts and stories… instantly! All following that powerful 5 pillar strategy I mentioned above. ⚡️

If you’re saying “I don’t have time for social media” {which if you aren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now…} or “I never know what to share to cut through” then Complete Content 24/7  is the solution for you.

There is a PRODUCT-BASED version and a SERVICE-BASED version so you can get templates suited to your biz type that are the entire foundation to help you create unique content in seconds for your biz.

6. Use a scheduling tool

My last tip? Is to use a scheduling tool to take the stress out of getting your content posted! This is a huge step to staying consistent as heck. 

There are so many different platforms to choose from the tools built right into the platform like the Facebook Business Suite, to using third-party tools like Later, Planoly, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Canva Pro Content Planner just SOME of the many tools available.

{TIP: Look for a scheduling tool that allows you to preview your scheduled posts in your feed. This will let you keep your future posts consistent with your branding. It’s also handy to be able to see all your scheduled posts in a calendar to keep yourself organised and know which days you’ll be posting. In my biz? I personally use Planoly!}

Annnd that’s all folks! You now have the top 6 steps – plus a powerful plan for content strategy – at the tips of your fingers to make making content for your small business a dream.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and you’ll soon start to develop your own process suited to your workflow. By following these tips and tricks and you’ll be batching content like a marketing pro in no time!




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