How to break out of small business content paralysis today


Have you ever felt like you’re paralysed when it comes to creating content?

Stuck sitting there, thinking and thinking but nothing comes out {or it’s taking too damn long?}

Here are 7 reasons – AND THEIR FIXES – that can help you get back to creating content with ease and flow.  😍

  1. You’re overthinking content

Content is a chat with your audience. Release the pressure that every piece has to be perfect and instead practice imperfect action.

It’s the consistent message and combination of your overall brand and content that matters, not making a single piece a masterpiece.

  1. You’re stuck with aesthetics

If you’re worrying too much about your brand “look” and it’s taking hours to create content, let it go. Your brand should be consistent and cohesive. Not a work of art.

If it’s taking you too long to create the look or vibe and you’re stuck for hours, you need to set some brand design/video standards to use as a base every time and speed things up.

  1. You’ve lost your voice

You don’t need to sound like her. You don’t need to sound like him.

You need to find your brand voice – how you sound and what you believe in so you can show up authentically.

Trying to mimic others and not being able to tap into your own voice and share that makes content 1000x harder.

  1. You’re stuck with comparison-itis

Stop consuming. Right now. The scroll needs to stop. Consuming too much will sabotage you.

Mute accounts that are triggering you. Do not scroll competitors accounts for “ideas” and fall into the trap of comparing and then not creating. Comparison is the thief of joy AND content creation success.

  1. You need more ideas

You need to reconnect with your ideal audience {their pain points, desires, needs, situations, thoughts] and your own true values and story.

This is where ALL content ideas come from. Speak to what is going on in the heads and hearts of your audience, you and your brand.

  1. You lack a strategy

If you’re just throwing spaghetti at a wall, content creation can feel like chaos.

Working with a strategy that has clear pillars of what you’re sharing this week means no more staring at blank pages and instead, starting with a {profitable and purposeful} guide of what topics to share.

  1. You need a BREAK

Burnout is real. Fatigue freaking sucks. Being overstimulated will overwhelm you.

These things will all kill your content and creative brain. Step away from the keyboard and take a break. Be it a day or a week.

Your brain and biz will thank you and content can be cruisy again.

Content creation paralysis can strike small business owners anywhere, anytime. 😩😖

And it can SERIOUSLY mess up the amazing plans you have for building your biz if you get stuck there too long. 

But you CAN take back control of your marketing and get back into the content creation groove – PINKY PROMISE.

Have you been caught out by content paralysis before? If so, what has helped you to get out of it? 




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