A little reminder today that can help you save time, reduce stress AND make more income + impact in their biz.

And that reminder? Is that MORE content is not the golden fix to making sales if you are not seeing the results you want or deserve.

Instead? Focus on getting the right quality content seen by the right people, then getting those people OFF your platform and into your biz is! 💛

‘Cause you see, when it comes to marketing, stressing yourself out to make more content is NOT the answer to making more impact and more INCOME. 🙅🏻‍♀️

So many biz owners get stuck focusing on “growing their IG or FB” or other things like that, when that number? It means so little!

Having that follower count might feel nice, and of course, it’s amazing to be surrounded by an incredible community for sure! But at the end of the day, that ‘number’ ain’t paying the bills…

It’s your ability to connect with those people, get them to consider you as the solution to their need or desire and get them off your platform to convert that is. 💛 #realtalk

So instead of creating more content to ‘grow’ your account, it’s time to start putting more focus into getting the right content seen by the RIGHT people, and getting them into the next stage of their journey.

Or as it’s sometimes called, the next stage of your “funnel”.

So if you feel like you are on the content hamster wheel getting nowhere at the moment?

I want you to ask yourself:

💛 Are you getting your great content seen by the RIGHT people through engagement and visibility techniques?

💛 Are you showing them why you are the one for them through a content strategy {that focused on quality, not quantity}?

💛 Are you then calling them to action to get off your platform to the next part of your biz to consider you more or convert?

💛 And are those next parts of your biz ready to turn them into customers/clients? {…AKA are those other parts of your biz shown just as much love as your social media? AKA your email list or your website or your store product descriptions or your opt-in pages?}

Focusing on your end-to-end funnel and getting customers through each stage of the journey can truly turn your entire business around or supercharge your levels of success.


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